If you have never heard of electronic signatures (e-signatures) before, We are sure, what your first question is. Yes, e-signatures are legally valid. Electronic Signature Smartphone Vector. Businessman Hands. Digital Sign. Business Agreement. Electronic Document. Isolated Illustration.

An electronic signature is the same as getting a paper document hand-signed by someone (as long as your e-signatures service provider knows what they are doing).
In the United States, the ESIGN act a law that says electronic signatures are legally valid and binding was passed by the U.S. Congress nearly 17 years ago (June 30,2000).

How do electric signatures work?

  1.  You prepare the document digitally.
  2. You invite people to sign your document.
  3. They affix their e-signature to your document

The e-signing process is exceptionally streamlined. In addition, it is impressive to clients, its professional, and its modern, and just plain awesome.

In addition, you will be doing your part to help save our environment because the entire process is paperless.

You can sign your documents with Electronic Signature by using eversign

Features of Electronic Signatures with eversign :-

It makes signing documents easy and fast

It has a built-in document editor and document templates.

App integrations

It helps you manage your signed documents

Its easy to get multiple signatures on a document

It has a developer API


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