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In today’s world cross platform mobile development is a very hectic task for the developers. Developers are building the same application separately for both Android & iOS platform. By using flutter we can natively develop apps for both Android and iOS operating systems. Flutter has hardware-accelerated graphics and UI which is powered by ARM code which has the capability to develop app natively for both Android and iOS.

Introducing Flutter

Flutter has the capability of developing apps for both Android and iOS without replacing the older model for developing app for Android and iOS

Flutter has 4 key capabilities:

  1. By using flutter we can develop beautiful applications for both Android and iOS.
  2. Flutter is super fast for building mobile applications.
  3. Flutter is very productive (due to its stateful hot reload)
  4. Flutter is open for everyone.

Flutter’s programming Language

Flutter use Dart language for developing apps. This dart language was introduced by Google in 2013. Dart programming language is easy to learn and it has OOPS concept

Flutter’s Technical Architecture

Flutter use Dart framework which is very high in Size. So, it has inbuilt modules inside this framework. Dart itself has a lot of frameworks which helps in creating beautiful applications. The Dart uses Skia C++ engine, which has all the protocols, compositions and channels. 

Flutter Installation

Installation of the Flutter is one of the bit tougher task to do. When installing flutter one has to set up path variable also.

Flutter Build & Release Automation Support

Flutter works on CLI (Command Line Interface). We can create most amazing apps by using the command line interface or just by reading the whole documentation of the flutter.


Flutter has only one Major rival at this time, which is React Native. React Native use JavaScript to run and build apps. Therefore, we have to conclude which is better Flutter or React Native. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages as well, but Flutter came up with a very good . Some expert people predicted that Flutter is the future of mobile app development. As we all know that the React native has also grabbed the market but it seems to be a tough time for the flutter to grab the entire market. Let’s just sit back and relax We can predict the future that which is going to overtake the cross mobile platform app development.

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