summer training in Jaipur


With the increasing number of college graduates the competition in IT sector is also increasing exponentially. Employers are looking for more qualified professionals who also have significant work experience in the same field. And as a result of the increased demand for experienced graduates, internships are also becoming increasingly important. An internship helps a student get their foot in the IT sector and provides employers with the potential talent to help them grow their business.

Some industrial surveys have been conducted on students, recent graduates and companies to learn about the internship trends in 2013 and 2014 and they have provided us with the following statistics:

  • Awareness amongst students regarding internships is increasing consistently: 67% of the college pass outs of the year 2013 had completed at least one internship during college with an increase of 6% over the previous year. Whereas 28% of the students have completed 2 or more internships.
  • Companies are hiring more interns: 56% of companies plan to hire more interns in 2014 than they did in 2013. And almost 62% of companies are planning to hire more structured internships.

summer training in Jaipur

Now there are two perspectives according to which companies hire their interns:

  • Find part time help with their projects and that too within low stipend because stipend is the least concern for amateurs who are rather interested in sharpening their real time skills.
  • To find full-time employees. Some companies (large) provide a proper training to their interns for a preferable time period and therefore are not willing to lose them as they might be a great asset for them in future.
  • Work experience is valued over academics: Things that are considered while hiring an intern are :
    • Performance during interview
    • skills or knowledge on the subject matter
    • Past internships/ work experience
    • Strong resume/cover letter
    • Recommendations/references
  • Internships made part of college curriculum: A number of colleges have made it a part of their curriculum where it is mandatory to attend summer internships. And some other colleges have omitted their last semester from their curriculum while implementing a six months internship program in their respective fields so that the students can develop their real time skills.
  • Internships as an opening door into the corporate world: Summer training/Internships also help as an opening door for amateurs into the corporate world as most of the companies are hiring their interns as full-time employees. According to statistics almost 90 percent of interns are offered full-time employment and out of those almost 90 percent accept that offer.

Therefore the concept of summer internships works in the favor of both the employer as well as the employee.

  • Another prevalent trend in internships is work from home policy which helps college students to work as part-timers. This is again beneficial for both the employers as well as the employee as these small pocket money jobs help in earning money as well as work experience without investing much of their time. Here the employers get their extra work done within a low pay grade.

Considering all these amendments and the demand of IT sector Arden Telecom has started a unique summer training in Jaipur where not only the students will get to learn but they will also have an opportunity to join the company as a full-time employee. Also, our HR department will send your resume to other companies thus widening the scope for a job of your choice at a place of your choice.

Opting for a summer internship program in 2018 will help you go a stair ahead in terms of awareness, skills, and capability of cracking the interviews. So hurry up and avail this great opportunity before all the seats are taken up.

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