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Today we are going to see the list of top 5 programming languages in 2019. Because in 2018 we had a bunch of the programming languages which are just super cool and super easy to learn and in 2018 we can start our career by opting these programming languages like PHP, Python, WordPress, Java and many more programming languages that we have seen in 2018.

But in 2019, What programming language should we learn to start our career with. We are suggesting you the top 5 programming languages of 2019 that you can start your career with.

We are starting from No. 5 :- On the fifth position we had placed PHP, because most websites now a days are made using PHP. We all know that the giant of the website maker WORDPRESS is also on PHP. In 2019 word-press will also play a key role in developing the websites. Now a days websites are made by the programming languages like Pyhton(Django) but a very few people knows about it. So, in 2019 PHP will be a trendsetter in website making and you can start your programming career with the PHP.

Next on No 4 :- We have placed Swift on no 4 because Other than Android apps, iOS apps are also making their place in the market. Companies are hiring the candidate who knows how to develop app for the Iphones. We all know iphones has a great market for their products so, companies and all the business wants their iOS app too. So, Learning Swift is a great choice in 2019 without any hesitation.

Next No 3 :- We have placed Java on no 3. We all know very well that the Python has captured the most of the market in the industry because of its simplicity. But, We cannot move JAVA aside because java is still a very powerful programming language. Most of the android developers uses Java for developing the Android apps. Many banking websites are on Java because of its security. And we can also make good software in this programming Language. People are thinking that JAVA is now outdated but I will assure you learning JAVA in 2019 is a very good choice to start your career in programming field.

Next on No 2 :- We have placed JAVASCRIPT on no 2. Because We all know Javascript is making a spectacular change in the programming field now a days. Javascript is all around in the market. We are very familiar with the old version of the Javascript like form validation and some minor works, but Javascript has evolved very much today because of some libraries out there in javascript like node.js, TensorFlow.js and many more. By using Tensorflow.js javascript the javascript is moving in Artificial intelligence and machine learning as well. So, Javascript gained a position of no 2 in Our list and it a very good choice of learning Javascript in 2019.

On No 1 position we have kept Python. Because Python is a charm in the programming filed we all know. Python is also making websites by using Django(A framework for Python). As we all know Python is also doing very well in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence market. We all know that future is all about the Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence. So, it is very important to learn upcoming technologies. Thats why throne of the Programming language goes to Python.

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